Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Goal Post

America SCORES Dallas is proud to welcome you to its very first blog entry here at the Goal Post. America SCORES Dallas has been serving students ages 8-12 in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area for the past seven years by providing a safe and enriching after school program comprised of soccer, poetry, and service learning. Weekly, students spend ninety minutes every day after school, led by their respective coaches, either improving their teamwork and physical fitness through soccer, or improving their creativity and reading skills through poetry. 

America SCORES Dallas is an affiliate of the America SCORES program, a national 501(c)3 non-profit which is made up of over 15 different  affiliates from around the country and serves over 6,000 under-resourced youth annually. 

Currently, America SCORES Dallas poet-athletes are working tirelessly writing their new poems for SLAM!, a poetry slam held in Dallas on December 10th.  Students will compete for not only bragging rights, but some will be competing for the chance to travel to New York City to compete in America SCORES National Slam!

One of our schools, Cesar Chavez, has been kind enough to share one of their excellent works:


My community has a lot of things                                                                        
It has my family and friends and my neighbor that sings                                    
It has schools, doctors, and stores                                                                        
It has my family and It has Dallas Scores                                                             
My community has plants and that is what I smell                                             
My community has sounds like when children yell                                              
Some of it is dirty and some people are mean                                     
That is why we work together to make it clean                                                   
We make it cleaner for a better tomorrow                                                          
Well at least my community is cooler than Mr. Mauro                       
Soccer, Soccer that’s Why I’m Here                                                                      
Soccer, Soccer I could play it all year                                                                     
Cesar Chavez was a leader in our community                                      
That is the way I want to be                                                                                 
We painted our school to make it beautiful                                                                         
We taught others how to be more kindful                                                           
Dallas Scores taught us to write                                                                           
It taught us how to be nice                                                                                   
They say that this program will keep us on track                                 
I say that I just feel good about giving back                                                         
Sometimes we see homeless people in the street                                              
We give a hand and help them get back on their feet                         
It brings sad things to my heart and mind                                                            
We wanted to do something kind                                                                         
We collected cans to donate                                                                                 
Community means that you love, not hate                                                           
In scores we learned a lot about poetry                                                               
We also learned a lot about our community                                                        
And now it is over and we want to say Thank YOU!                                            
To our parents, our teachers, our coaches and You,                                             
Dallas Scores, the board and the donors                                                               
Without you we would not have had had this honor                                            
You have made our dreams possible and that is a fact                       
To make others dreams possible, we will always remember to give back.        


Please check back regularly for updates, articles, and upcoming event details!