Wednesday, October 5, 2011


And we've started!!!!! Not only has season kicked off, but we kicked it off big time with 6 new schools.  That makes a total of 9 schools for us this year! 

I would like to welcome all of our schools:
Cesar Chavez Learning Center
Steven Park Elementary
Anson Jones Elementary
Ignacio Zaragoza Elementary
L.O. Donald Elementary
Leslie A. Stemmons Elementary
Maria Moreno Elementary
John W. Carpenter Elementary
Nancy J. Cochran Elementary

And a BIG thanks goes out to Big Thought for working with us! 

We are so happy to have everyone with us, new and old!  Our first game will be Friday October, 14th @ 4pm.  We will have 4 games going on at 4 different locations (Anson Jones, Cochran, Moreno, Zaragoza). Come out and see one of the games!