Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Crystal!

Last Tuesday was Crystal’s first day as our new Program Coordinator at America SCORES Dallas.  We were lucky to have the chance to get to know her and introduce her to you through a good old-fashioned interview:

Hi Crystal, welcome to the office.  What is your background?
My background is actually in accounting.  I was a manager of taxes and accounting at a firm in Grapevine for 4 years.  I also have about 8 years of experience teaching and substitute teaching at a private school in Keller.  At the private school I also ran an after school program, which provided activities and homework help.  Last fall, I assisted Allison, the America SCORES program coordinator in Fort Worth, with Friday game days.  In addition to working here at America SCORES, I am in nursing school part-time and plan to graduate at the end of the summer. 

Very diverse!  Tell me about the most rewarding experience you’ve had doing program work.
During the afterschool program at the private school, I was able to see the children progress from point A to point B.  The moment a kid realizes that they can accomplish their goals is priceless.  They not only enjoyed these activities that we provided, but they learned a lot. 

What attracted you to America SCORES?
I was originally drawn to America SCORES simply because it is a non-profit organization that helps out under-resourced children.  I have two kids and know what it is like to be a single mother with the odds stacked against you.  After helping out with game days in Fort Worth last fall, I saw how much America SCORES impacted these kids’ lives and I wanted to get more involved. 

If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?
Instant Healing Touch.  I would love to be able to heal anyone, physically or emotionally, instantaneously!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poem of the Week


By: Adan, Grade 4
 Cesar Chavez Learning Center
My family is lovely
My family is Wild
My family is a pain in the butt
My family’s feelings are kinda sad, mad, funny
My family is mad when we don’t clean up
My family is happy when we get new stuff
My family is sad when something breaks
My family makes me shine
My family is a shiny gold star
My family is a wonderful generation

Friday, January 14, 2011

Superbowl's Slant 45 Serves our Community

With anticipation for the Super Bowl XLV, SLANT 45 participants have been working to showcase our community all year long. SLANT 45 Service Learning Adventures is a program that encourages children to partake in community service projects to improve the North Texas area. More that 44,000 children were a part of the program that came to an end Wednesday night with a concert at the American Airlines Center. Similar service-learning projects are incorporated into the spring semester of the America SCORES Dallas’ program. 

    Each year, SCORES poet-athletes have an opportunity to engage in community service projects; past projects include an anti-bullying campaign, a school garden, neighborhood beautification, and a water conservation mural. Both SLANT 45 and America SCORES Dallas are creating opportunities for our youth to become agents of change in their communities through service learning initiatives.

    For more information on SLANT 45 visit their website at  News on SLANT 45’s Wednesday concert celebration can be found here.  Stay tuned throughout this spring for updates on the America SCORES Dallas poet-athletes’ community service projects!

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    Poem of the Week

    My Pet

    By: Hugo, Grade 4
    Cesar Chavez Learning Center

      My pet is a dog and is fun.
    I play with him outside and play in the park
    But he gets mad at me one of these times.
    We watch movies and cartoons on TV and we run.
    I love my dog and he loves me so much.
    I take him to walk in the park.
    We read together and we paint and he helps to clean,
    The bed and put decorations on a Christmas tree.
    He was a good dog.

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

    It's 2011, a brand new year for us to play more soccer, write more poetry and inspire more poet-athletes. And what better way to bring in the new year than to celebrate the spectacular times of the year past? America SCORES Dallas is proud to present...

    1. SLAM!, Fall Poetry Slam. Although SLAM is the last event of the year, it is at the top of our list.  This fall all four schools came together to present group and individual poems to compete for two spots to go to New York City for the National Poetry Slam. 

    2. ASCAP Singer Songwriter Collaboration.  This past Fall, Dondria aka Phafffat wrote and recorded an original song with 32 poetry athletes from Steven's Park Elementary School.

    3. America SCORES Dallas goes to Fort Worth.  Thanks to a 2-year grant from the Department of Juvenile Justice, we were able to bring our program to 4 Fort Worth Schools in 2010 and through 2011.

    4. 7th Annual SoccerBall & Auction.  Cesar Chavez poet-athletes performed their poetry for over 200 guests from the community and helped raise over $213,000 for the program.

    5. Community Service Projects. Each school chose a community service project to help strengthen their community and teach the poet athletes the importance of giving back. Students cleaned up their neighborhoods, created recycling programs at their school, and even created an anti-bullying campaign at Stevens Park Elementary.

    6. Game Days. Every Friday Game Day in Dallas brought parents, teachers and other community members together to cheer on the teams and support their poet-athletes in a friendly game of soccer.

    7. Mentors. Rebecca, an America SCORES volunteer, gave a talk to Ft. Worth poet-athletes about how doing well in school helped her go to Notre Dame and play soccer at the collegiate, international, and semi-pro domestic level.

    8. SHOUT!, Spring Poetry Slam. Last Spring, all four schools participated in a poetry slam to share both their poetry and community service projects at the Winspear Opera House.

    9. Capitol For Kids grant awarded to America SCORES Dallas for the first time.

    10. Casino Night. On May 1st, we hosted our first Casino Night fundraiser which was full of games, winnings and fun.

    As you can see we had a spectacular 2010, but we are excited for what 2011 has in store!

    Here are some events and happenings to look forward to this year:

    SHOUT!, Jamboree, 8th Annual Soccerball & Auction, SLAM, Fall Frenzy,  and, of course, more interesting and informative posts on Dallas SCORES Goal Post.  So, stay "posted" for more updates and information.  We look forward to having a fantastic 2011!