Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SHOUT! at the Wyly Theater

 “Oh cool!” Esmerelda G. exclaimed as she walked into the Wyly Theater’s rehearsal space.  It is no surprise that this phrase was repeated many times on Friday evening as more SCORES kids shuffled into the lime green, mirrored room overlooking an Astro-turf patio with a view of the Dallas Arts District.  The scene was stunning.

And then the kids began their poems and the excitement in the room buzzed.  Stevens Park Elementary proclaimed their poetic love of soccer, Cesar Chavez Learning Center performed odes to their namesake Cesar Chavez, Anson Jones Elementary recited the virtues of recycling, Maple Lawn Elementary told tale of themselves and their families, and Lida Hooe Elementary reflected on the travails of school.

It was a fantastic event and the kids did a great job!  Thank you coaches, parents, students, and the Wyly Theater for making this event a success!  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebration Time: SHOUT! & Jamboree

This week is BIG. It's bursting with our two year-end events, SHOUT! and Jamboree.  As the last week of the 2010-11 program, our poet-athletes are busily preparing their community service project boards, their group and individual poems, AND their soccer skills.

This Friday, everyone will fill the Wyly Theater to share and celebrate their semester's work of "Writing for the Community."  Each school will present their group and individual poems and then share their community service projects.  What a great end to a year of poetry reading, writing, performing, singing, recycling, educating, neighborhood cleaning, and playing!

Then on Saturday evening, poet-athletes, coaches, family, friends, volunteers, Board Members, and ASD staff will take over Cowboys Stadium for a night of soccer games.  All the Dallas schools will have the chance to play several games with the Fort Worth schools for the first time this year.

This week is BIG.  And will definitely be crazy fun.