Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Game Day, Four Games

Our game day last Friday was probably one of the windiest days I’ve ever experienced!  The goals were blowing all over the place, the balls weren’t staying in position, and there were even a few dirt devils swirling around the field.  Did that stop us?  Not even for a second!  It really turned out to be a great day.  We had a lot of people show up.  One special group of Starbucks volunteers showed up and made Gatorade for the kids and even set up a face-painting table.  We had paintings of cute little butterflies to stars painted on the cheeks, and even a few mustaches and unibrows on some of the girls.  The girls got into it more than the boys, but all in all, everyone had a great time.  Thank you Starbucks for making this game day one to always remember.  

- Crystal Schober
  Program Coordinator

Across town at Anson Jones Elementary School, the wind was blowing just as hard.  Luckily we had stakes to hold down the goals, but they still managed to flip over a few times from the forceful gusts of wind.  At times, I thought the tiny third graders would be blown away, but they all persevered and played as hard as they always do.  The new school, Lida Hooe, came out to Anson Jones and showed their new skills out on the soccer field while friends and families watched.  We may not have had face painting, but we still had lots of fun!

- Tessa Handa

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Year, New Opportunities

Lida Hooe Elementary. This year, 2011, has opened many doors for America SCORES Dallas.  In February, we brought in a new school, Lida Hooe, to the program through our capacity building model and our partnership with Big Thought/Thriving Minds.  This will be the 5th school the America SCORES Dallas program will serve this year! 

FC Dallas. In March, FC Dallas invited our poet-athletes, coaches, staff, and the Board of Directors to their opening game!  What a fun night.  Our partnership with FC Dallas has also captured the attention of a few of their star players.  This week, FC Dallas Stars, Brek Shea, Kevin Hartman, and Eric Avila volunteered at Steven’s Park Elementary to help our kids with some pro soccer tips during their soccer practice. 

Thank you Donors! On March 31st, we threw our first annual Donor Appreciation Reception at Café San Miguel.  The evening was spent honoring the commitment our donors have made to America SCORES Dallas.  We also showed them how they have impacted the lives of inner-city Dallas youth through the impromptu poetic performances of three poet-athletes.  We are SO very thankful for all our donors. 

STARBUCKS. This April we are partnering with Starbucks to help our schools and the community.  The Starbucks Foundation awarded a $15,500 grant to America SCORES Dallas for our Sprouts in Action for Greener Communities project.  Also, locally, Starbucks partners (Starbucks’ lingo for “employee”) have been challenged to donate their time helping our schools with community service projects, game days, and tutoring!  In addition to all the volunteering, the Lakewood Starbucks is hosting two Open Mic Nights for any poet under the age of 16 to share their original poetry. 

National Poetry SLAM ! Also in April, two of our students, Angel J. from Stevens Park and Dulce F. from Cesar Chavez, went to the National Poetry Slam in New York to read their poems and represent America SCORES Dallas!  What a great adventure for these kids! 

MAY.  May is going to be BUSY.  On May 13th, we will be hosting our annual SHOUT at the AT&T Wyly Theatre.  The children of all our Dallas schools will come together to share their poetry that they have worked on all year.  Then, the following day, May 14th, is our Jamboree at….get this…..Cowboys Stadium!!!  How cool is that?!  Our Dallas school soccer teams will take on our Fort Worth school soccer teams.  What a way to end the season. 

This is only the first half of this busy year.  Keep your eyes and ears open about what ASD will be up to for the second half!

-         Crystal Schober
Program Coordinator

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools' Day: Some Serious Soccer

April’s first game day fell on April Fool’s Day, a day historically wrought with chicanery and practical jokes. However, once the first whistle was blown out on Maple Lawn Elementary's field, there was no fooling around.  Both teams were focused on the task at hand: playing some soccer.  And that is exactly what they did.